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Father, in Jesus Name, I thank you that I am anointed to prosper. My eyes are open to see open doors and creative ways to prosper financially. I hear my Fathers voice and the voice of intimidation I choose not to follow. Therefore my ears are open to only hear the best deals and I possess the ability to discern favorable opportunities. My heart is pure so that you can channel finances through me. I declare that this is my season for favor. Wealth and riches are in my house. I am not limited by my salary. I am liberated by my seed. I have unlimited financial increase potential. I have sown my seed for supernatural abundance and I live daily with the expectation of increase and favor. The fear of lack has been broken and has no power over me. I am free from debt. I am a lender and not the borrower. Money comes to me and my nature attracts wealth. As a Kingdom pay master I stand ready to distribute and my life is a distribution channel for God’s work in the earth. Abundance is Your will for me because it pleases you that I prosper. 

Increase - Abundance - Surplus - Favor Come to me now!