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Process to Break Free from Addictive Behavior

1. Be honest with yourself

2.Repent for sinning against God

3. Choose to make restitution where possible

4. Renounce the Open Door & Lordship of Satan

5. Forgive Others

6.Evict Satanic Encroachment

7. Trust the Word and not Your Feelings

Your words have power. Remember to speak this confession daily as you break free from addictive behavior.

Confession of Faith to Overcoming Strongholds In Your Thinking

Today I glorify God in my life and walk in authority.  I surrender my thoughts, will, intellect, emotions and imagination in complete obedience to the Word of God.  I believe the Word and I speak in faith.  I command all strongholds and mental thought patterns not in Gods will for my life broken and cast out! I declare circumstances are changing in my favor & I have what I say!

My body belongs to God and I make my flesh obey the Word.  I am healed mentally, emotionally and physically. I resist the temptation to sin or to go back to my old way of living. The devil is under my feet & nothing shall by any means harm me. No plague shall come near my house. I am anointed!  I overcome all attacks and any setback of the enemy by the blood of Jesus & the Words of my mouth. No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

In Jesus’ Name