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2019 Is a season to obtain unprecedented goals, unearth new gifting's, go forth in uninhibited giving generously while remaining unwavering in praise and worship giving glory to God! - Pastor Patrick Ligon

Please see below for the 2019 Prophetic Word

2019 will be a year of Exceptional Things, it will be a time of believers seeing superior unusual blessings, bountifulness and breakthroughs! It will be like no other year of unusual favor from unsuspecting people. God will bring the faithful into new powerful relationships to advance the Kingdom agenda they have been assigned. Aggressively pursue, possessing new territories given by passion, promise and prophecy. Though satan will attempt to discourage even the faithful in this season with multiple attacks on several fronts, delayed manifestations but be not afraid, your breakthrough will be right on time and a testimony for all times will be the result.

Make exceptional plans that require exceptional faith efforts and sacrifices to bring these things to pass, as you trust God to do above all you can ask or think! This is the season exceptional evangelism with strategies not widely used before which will see the masses rescued from the spirit of darkness, the masses reclaimed from the spirit of dissatisfaction and masses will be refreshed from the spirit of dismay. Renew your focus on Spiritual warfare do not forget your fight is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers. Victory is yours through the name of Jesus, so live in bold expectation of the exceptional as this is the season of the resurgence of faith and favor my prophets have proclaimed. Go forth with the voice of praise and be not ashamed of my name!