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God’s promises are released with what you speak. As you are in faith for exponential increase, be sure to speak the following confession of faith:

God is increasing me daily in wisdom, favor, family, finances and health. I resist all false attitudes, fleshy actions, or faulty attributes in myself or from others that hinder me from receiving Gods increase promise in the Word. I declare hundred fold increase in my life NOW. I declare that I am accepted in Jesus and Father You alone have the last Word over my life! Therefore I am opening my mouth wide with my confession of faith and you are filling it! I prosper and I am successful even as my soul prospers. The power to manifest the promises of God are in the Word. So daily I make the decision to partner with others in both unity and agreement and your Word says that I am possessing what I am professing. I will bless the Lord at all times, your praises are continually in my mouth, therefore the earth is yielding exponential increase.
In Jesus Name. Amen